Case Study :
Public Relations, Content Marketing

Using Content and PR to Publish an Article in Newsweek

The Issue

A prominent New York law firm that had won a sensitive, high-profile child sexual abuse case wanted to write and place an editorial about its experience in a prominent news publication. The firm’s goal was more than just to promote its brand and its success. The attorneys –who were high-minded and ambitious about the project – wanted to shift the national conversation about sexual abuse. Coincidentally, the Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, which depicts the real-life investigation into reports of rampant sexual abuse within the Catholic church, had recently been released. The firm saw an opportunity to capitalize on the film’s popularity to broadcast its message.

A New York law firm had won a sensitive, high-profile child sexual abuse case and wanted to write an editorial about it.

The Strategy

All the pieces were in place for an article. Now the challenge was to develop a piece worthy of publication in a nationally recognized outlet.  

The law firm turned to Jaffe because of our content and media expertise. We collaborated with the attorneys to create a structure for the article, which our content specialists then edited to incorporate elements of storytelling to make the piece as engaging as possible.

With the creative out of the way, we next needed to find a high-profile national newspaper to publish it. Our publicists identified a select number of top-tier media targets to pitch the article to. Fortunately, because we worked so hard on the creative side, and because the story itself was eye-opening and timely, we found a home for it with Newsweek.

Jaffe created a marketing asset for the firm that can be used for years to come.

The Impact

Because of the compelling and concise writing of our content specialists and the media savvy of our publicists, we were able to place the article in Newsweek. The firm enjoyed a burst of positive publicity for itself and its cause. Short-term benefits included a spike in web traffic, while, for the long term, the firm has created a marketing asset that can be used for years to come to help convey its brand and its values.