Case Study :
Website & Digital Marketing

Using Email Marketing and PR to Boost a Legal Vendor’s Sales

The Issue

Three family members, two of whom are practicing attorneys, put their heads together to make legal document and docket retrieval cheaper and easier. They created DocketFish, a user-friendly tech platform that brings the features of today’s most intuitive apps to the comparatively clunky Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER). DocketFish was an instant hit among the attorneys who participated in beta testing, and most of those users went on to become the startup’s first customers.

The DocketFish creators knew they had something big but that their one-on-one email and in-person sales strategy wasn’t going to help them make a splash in the market. They engaged Jaffe’s team to drive awareness of DocketFish and educate prospective users about what the platform could do for them.

The client knew they needed a better strategy than their one-on-one email and in-person sales tactics.

The Strategy

Drawing on our deep understanding of the client’s target market and its needs, Jaffe developed a marketing strategy that addressed the pain points, purchasing criteria and processes of the attorneys for whom DocketFish was designed. The strategy hinged on three key tactics: advertising, direct marketing and media relations.

Jaffe’s designers created a visual identity for the startup and developed a striking advertisement that could be used in both print and digital media. To help DocketFish engage directly with prospects, our team developed an email marketing campaign that included a series of email templates and promotional copy to entice conversions. Simultaneously, Jaffe’s public reputation experts targeted legal technology publications with pitches that communicated DocketFish’s unique advantages effectively.

Jaffe’s designers created a visual identity for the startup and developed a striking ad for print and digital media.

The Impact

Following Jaffe’s outreach to the legal technology media, Law Technology Today and InsideCounsel published favorable reviews of DocketFish. The principals were also invited to write an article for Law Technology Today and to meet with the editor of Legal Tech.

Within the first few weeks of the media blitz, DocketFish saw a substantial increase in its customer base. Current customers and prospects responded positively to the advertisement and email campaign, which the company continues to use to drive steady growth.