Writing is a task that all lawyers and marketers can do, but only a few can do well. It can be a time-consuming challenge to develop content that layers facts with firm messaging that has a branded voice and contains a unique point of view customized for a particular audience. In fact, law firms often have a hard time finding the internal resources to support writing content for collateral such as attorney bios, practice group descriptions or brochures.

Fortunately, there are multiple models to completing a content project that can help a law firm succeed given their unique needs and resources.

In-sourcing: For many law firm marketing departments, in-sourcing content projects will put too much of a strain on the limited human resources available. However, if you have a well-staffed department – one that has the requisite talent – it is possible to in-source your content activities. The advantages of this approach include being able to leverage your staff’s thorough knowledge of your law firm brand and the amount of control you can exert over the entire process.

Out-sourcing: If you are a solo marketer or have a lean department, out-sourcing content development can be the way to go. By selecting a reliable vendor to handle your content needs, you avoid tying up your internal resources. You also are able to entrust the fairly technical task of copywriting to an individual or agency that focuses on writing clear, effective copy.

The Blended Model: Perhaps the most economical model for law firms is the blended approach. By delegating certain tasks to in-house personnel and others to outside vendors, you can get the best of both worlds: control over the direction of the copy without limiting your internal resources. There is no single blended model for content development. Instead, this falls on a spectrum that depends on what components of the content project a firm wishes to outsource. Services that can be delegated to an outside agency include messaging development, research, copyediting, proofing and project management, among others.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Writing Content?

Whether you just need some oversight with your own content writing or you’re looking to outsource the entire process, Jaffe can help. Our team of content strategists, legal marketing writers and editors can help you with every aspect of the content process. We develop verbal brand identities and style guides, provide expert editorial and proofing support, and write every type of legal marketing content imaginable, from law firm website copy to video and animation scripts. We also can combine our content capabilities with our SEO services to optimize all your digital copy.

Need assistance with your law firm content? Contact Terry M. Isner at tisner@jaffepr.com.