One of the greatest marketing challenges faced by small to mid-sized law firms is adequate staffing. Until a few years ago, many law firms of smaller stature lacked a dedicated in-house marketer or marketing department, often relegating the role to an overtaxed administrator. Such a strategy no longer works in the modern, competitive legal industry, where marketing is an essential function worthy of investment.

Now, most firms have come to appreciate the value that their in-house marketers bring to the table, yet these marketers continue to struggle at times because they must balance a growing list of demands, from managing a firm’s overall marketing strategy to executing specific tactics like updating websites, creating practice newsletters and compiling materials for new business pitches.

If this scenario sounds familiar, one of the simplest ways to free up your firm’s marketing resources is to consider outsourcing the more time-consuming marketing tasks. One of the most time-consuming of these is managing your law firm’s social media presence.

Here are three reasons why it makes sense to outsource your law firm’s social media management.

  • It helps maintain consistency: Remaining visible on any social media platform means creating and sharing content regularly and routinely — sometimes tallying up multiple posts per week or even per day. Accomplishing this takes up a lot of time and attention — sometimes more than a law firm marketing department has at its disposal.
  • It ensures you’re guided by a strategy: Social media works best when it is proactive, not reactive. But many marketing departments just don’t have the time to step back and look at the big picture. Collaborating with an outside social media expert can help ensure that your firm’s social activities fall in line with your greater business objectives and resonate with your target audiences. 
  • It can help increase online engagement: An outside social media manager can do more than just plan and post on your firm’s behalf. They can also help your firm and its attorneys cultivate relationships. By responding to post comments to educating attorneys about the best ways to network online, an experienced social media manager can do much more than increase brand visibility.

You can learn more about what law firms and legal marketers need to do to succeed on social media in this article by Steph Maher, Jaffe’s SVP, Marketing & Social Media.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Social Media?

Jaffe’s multidisciplinary team of social media experts can scale their services to meet your law firm’s marketing needs. Clients frequently turn to us to manage their entire social media function, from strategy to execution, while some only need assistance with certain tasks, such as creating consistent, professional-quality graphics and multimedia. Regardless of the scope, the end result is a highly visible and engagement-worthy social media presence and an in-house marketing department that now has more time to invest in other key areas.

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