Your law firm’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. It is an amalgamation of your reputation in the industry, the differentiators that set you apart, the values that inform your culture, the services you are known for and the results you achieve for your clients, among other attributes.

From a marketing perspective, a law firm expresses its brand in a variety of ways. Most notably, a law firm’s visual brand is encapsulated by its logo. The brand is further expressed by the law firm’s choice of color palette, tagline, messaging statements and imagery.

From time to time, it’s worth revisiting a law firm’s branding to consider whether it’s time for a change. Some firms may find that their branding has become outdated and requires a complete overhaul. Most firms, however, are likely to find that their branding still represents the firm well but could benefit from a refresh.

Here are a few ways that law firms can refresh their brands.

  • Develop new visuals: Are you still using the same pictures on your website as when it first launched? It might be time to replace those images with something a little more fresh and modern.
  • Create new messaging: Your firm’s reputation has probably evolved over time. Consider rewriting your key messages so your brand promises represent your current brand identity more accurately.
  • Tweak your logo: If Domino’s, Starbucks and Mastercard can do it, so can your firm. Modernize your current logo to give it a more contemporary look.     
  • Update your color scheme: Maybe you like your firm’s use of red and black, but you want to add a little yellow or blue. Or maybe you want to use two shades of red instead of one. Tweaking your firm’s color scheme often makes more sense than choosing a completely new set of colors.                                                                              

How Can Jaffe Help You Refresh Your Brand Identity?

Jaffe uses an interdisciplinary approach to brand refreshes that includes skilled designers, copywriters and brand strategists. We conduct a thorough discovery process that involves internal and external stakeholder interviews to understand the current state of your brand. We then identify opportunities for improvement in visuals and messaging. The result is a brand refresh that breathes new life into the firm’s identity without the investment of a complete overhaul.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Jaffe can help give your law firm a brand refresh, contact Terry M. Isner at