One of the most-common types of social media advertising is the sponsored post. This is a form of native advertising in which a brand develops a social media post, sets target audience attributes and pays the social platform to display the post to account holders who meet the target audience criteria.

Creating a sponsored post is somewhat platform-dependent, but there are some universal attributes. Here are the five main elements of a sponsored post.

  • The target: One of the greatest strengths of social media advertising is the ability to narrowly define and target a specific audience segment. Want to target CEOs at Colorado-based IT companies with fewer than 50 employees? Sponsored posts can do that.
  • The message: Like any advertisement, your sponsored post has to have something to say — and do. This is your message, and it should be compelling enough to entice people to click on the ad through a call to action, e.g., “learn more,” “download our eBook,” etc.
  • The visual: Our tendency to scroll through our social media feeds means we bypass a lot of content. To draw eyes and responses, you need something that is going to pop out at your audience, whether that’s an interesting color scheme or a unique image.
  • The landing page: You want to make sure that, when clicked on, your sponsored post takes users somewhere related to what the post is promoting. For example, a common tactic in lead generation campaigns is to promote a piece of gated, downloadable content via a sponsored post.
  • The cost: Sponsored posts are a form of pay-per-click advertising. How much you spend will depend on a variety of factors, including the duration of your campaign.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Sponsored Posts?

Jaffe’s digital and content strategy consultants work together to provide law firms with a one-stop shop for all their paid social media needs. We work to understand your short- and long-term business goals as well as your priority targets. We then build campaigns that home in on your primary prospects and craft persuasive messaging that resonates with their informational needs. We also routinely help firms design custom landing pages and forms to generate demand and capture leads so you can get the greatest ROI from your social media marketing investment.

To learn more about how Jaffe can help you with your sponsored social media posts, contact Keith Ecker at