Zombie marketing. It’s a growing epidemic in our community. Marketing departments that have become zombified devour their law firms’ resources, leaving mere scraps of ROI in their wake. Any passion for the job has long been snuffed out. Instead, zombie marketers gaze upon the legal landscape with cold, dead eyes, following one another in lockstep to form a hoard of mediocrity.

To protect yourself, be aware of the signs of infection, which include a brand identity whose relevance is wasting away, an atrophying business strategy and brainless creative initiatives.   

Should this zombie outbreak continue, we fear it could result in the worst-case scenario: a legal marketing apocalypse. To help prevent such a dystopia, Jaffe offers the following survival tips.

  1. Adapt to Change: Do not sit still! Do not stay in one location! If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, there is no idle time. You always have to be on the hunt for your next destination, strategically and creatively. To get a leg up on the zombies, be agile, use technology and look beyond the legal industry for inspiration.
  2. Integrate: Splitting up will only make you easier to devour! Instead, tear down the silos among all your tactics. Coordinate PR with marketing; repurpose website content through social media. By integrating, you will have the power to beat back the zombie menace.
  3. Teamwork: Don’t try to defeat the zombies alone! If lawyers and marketers refuse to work together, then consider yourself zombie food. Marketers need to educate lawyers about marketing processes and practices, while lawyers need to empower marketers to lead strategy.
  4. Know Your Business: Don’t act like the walking dead! Use your brain to develop creative campaigns that ultimately meet law firm business goals. If your efforts are not improving the firm’s vitality, then you may already be a zombie!
  5. Share Your Story with the World: Make contact with the outside world! Transmit your message so it rises above the moans of the marketing zombies. Recognition is key to survival, and you need a plan to help your content break through the noise.

How Can Jaffe Help You Survive a Zombie Marketing Apocalypse?

Jaffe prioritizes creativity and strategy above all else. We assess marketing tactics to ensure that what we suggest will help our clients move closer to their business goals. Our seasoned marketers, business development consultants and publicists work together as a team to find integrated approaches to identify, develop and share the stories of our law firm clients and their attorneys with the world. The legal market is always changing, and it’s our job to help you adapt.

Need some help surviving the zombie marketing apocalypse? Contact Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing & Branding, at tisner@jaffepr.com or 302.519.8895.