One of the most effective ways to sell a product is through demonstration. Have an invention that solves one of life’s major headaches? Find a way to show people how your product can be a benefit. This same tried-and-true principle applies to lawyers, who more and more have to prove to their target markets that they aren’t just good lawyers, but are better lawyers than their competition. One very effective platform where attorneys can capture the attention of an audience of decision-makers and influencers is the speaking engagement.

Speaking engagements, if vetted and prepared for appropriately, allow attorneys to demonstrate their expertise on a particular topic to a highly targeted audience. They also empower attorneys to convey their subtle yet critical unique differentiators, such as their personalities and communication skills. Oftentimes, it can be these “soft skills” that play a role in tipping a prospect toward favoring one attorney over another.

How can Jaffe help you with speaking engagements?

As one of the first legal PR and marketing agencies in the country, Jaffe has been providing law firms with our LexSpeak™ speaker services for many years. We have established a vast database of industry events — and our researchers are continually capturing new ones as they crop up. Our goal is to inform your lawyers about the most relevant opportunities so they can connect with decision-makers and expand their client base. We also provide business development and communication coaching, presentation design services, and copywriting assistance to help make sure you give the best program possible.

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