For the past year, in-person networking has been put on indefinite hiatus. This has been a struggle for professionals seeking opportunities to grow their networks of contacts, including possible referral sources. Fortunately, thanks to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, we may see conferences making a comeback. (The Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference and the Association of Legal Administrators Annual Conference & Expo are both slated to be held in person later this year.)

In the meantime, we should plan on limited face-to-face networking events. This means that virtual networking will continue to be the primary avenue for making new connections. We may also see that, even after the pandemic has subsided, virtual conferences are here to stay due to their cost-effectiveness and benefits to the environment.

How do you navigate this remote landscape to forge new connections that can further your business development goals? Here are a few tips from Glennie Green, Jaffe’s Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, who has written about making the most of professional networking and referral groups.

  • Join a professional networking or referral group: Professional networking groups have gained popularity during the pandemic, in part because they serve as a replacement for industry events. Seek out a group that fits your professional interests and build your network of professional contacts.
  • Be a giver, not a taker: If you’re part of a professional networking group, understand that one of the foundations of relationship-building is being of value to others. This is why it’s important to walk in with the mindset of generosity. Rather than focusing on seeking referrals, put attention toward giving referrals.
  • Educate your network: To get the most out of your professional network, make sure you’re educating your contacts about the type of services you provide, your ideal client and where you usually find your clients. Recruiting other professionals to serve as your eyes and ears for new business opportunities will vastly expand your reach.

How Can Jaffe Help You Build a Professional Network

Jaffe’s business development consultants work closely with clients to learn about their unique business goals, pinpoint their strengths and identify challenges that can impede success. By thoroughly getting to know our clients, we are able to provide business development coaching and strategies that actually yield results. We will help create a networking roadmap for you that leverages the communication and marketing skills you already have, rather than forcing cookie-cutter tactics on you that are an ill fit. In addition, our digital marketing consultants can provide you with social media training that can help enhance your presence on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, while our content marketing consultants can help you rewrite your professional bio to better market you to potential clients.

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