Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, may be a buzzword of our times, but that does not detract from its importance. While the primary objective of most firms probably is to generate revenue, making a positive impact on society is often a top priority for attorneys. This is made apparent by the number of lawyers who invest time in pro bono activities and community involvement.

Doing right by society is rewarding in and of itself; however, that doesn’t mean that law firms can’t capitalize on their CSR efforts to further their marketing goals. In fact, CSR can be a powerful branding tool. By aligning your firm with charitable causes and committing to community service, you are conveying what your firm stands for and what your firm values to the public, media, prospects, clients, potential hires and industry peers.

But patting yourself on the back by promoting your philanthropic efforts via a press release or mention on your website can look tactless. That’s why you need to give ample consideration to how you share your CSR activities. 

How Can Jaffe Help You Promote Your CSR Initiatives?

By working with Jaffe, you have an interdisciplinary team of PR, marketing and branding experts at your disposal with deep legal industry knowledge. We understand the importance of a nuanced strategy when it comes to a firm sharing its CSR initiatives. Our consultants collaborate with you to develop a multichannel plan that tells the story of your CSR successes in a way that retains their authenticity while accurately conveying your firm’s unique culture and values.

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