Showing prospects that you are knowledgeable of the law is one of the most effective marketing and business development tactics a lawyer has at their disposal. There are multiple platforms attorneys can use to showcase their thought leadership, one of which is bylined articles.

Bylined articles are writing opportunities that established publications give to outside contributors. Many types of publications offer bylined article opportunities, from newspapers and general business magazines to niche trade publications. The benefits of bylined articles are many, including:

  • An opportunity to showcase your thought leadership
  • A chance to build credibility for yourself before a specific audience
  • Greater control of the content and context of your words than a media interview
  • Greater depth and substance than media interview quotes
  • Greater credibility than owned content, such as a blog

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How Can Jaffe Help You with Bylined Articles?

Jaffe’s full-service team can help you with your law firm’s bylined articles every step of the way. Our publicists can help you identify newsworthy topics that will resonate deeply with your audiences and strategically select target outlets for publishing opportunities. Our content team can work with you to edit your original articles to enhance their appeal to your readership. If time is a factor, we can even collaborate with your attorneys to ghostwrite authored pieces on their behalf. Once an article publishes, we track down the website link and information about reprint rights so you can showcase your authored content on other channels, including your law firm’s website.  

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help you with bylined articles? Contact Vivian Hood at for more information.