In today’s world, anyone with a smartphone, a tripod and a ring light can record near-professional-quality video from any location, including a home office. This is great for law firms looking to incorporate more video into their marketing mix.

However, before anyone at the firm pushes the record button, there should be an initial discussion about marketing strategy to determine what purpose video content will serve, as well as the desired outcome. Having this talk will inform the substance and production of the video so the firm invests its time and money wisely.

Here are several questions every lawyer or legal marketer should ask themselves before embarking on creating video content.  

  • What is the marketing purpose of the video? Are you seeking to raise visibility of your brand? Are you trying to attract lateral hires? Are you looking to showcase your thought leadership? The purpose of the video will dictate the production style and content.
  • How will the video be distributed? Is the video meant for social media, or will it be a centerpiece of your homepage? Where your video will be posted will have a significant impact on production. For example, a video meant for social media may be produced adequately with a DIY approach, while a video for a firm’s homepage may require a professional production company.
  • What action do you want the viewer to take? If at all possible, you never want a piece of marketing content to be a dead end for the audience. Consider what next step you want a viewer to take in their interaction with your brand and allow that to influence the video’s content. For example, a thought leadership video might end with a call to action to contact an attorney for more information.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Video Content?

Jaffe’s mix of marketing creatives and strategists work with your firm to not only develop high-quality video content, but also strategize how to get the most ROI from your video content. We gather information about your business goals and marketing needs to ensure that your investment in video production is backed by a plan. We then put this plan into action by developing creative concepts and identifying the optimal channels to use to deliver your content for maximum visibility. Once the video is deployed, our consultants can help you evaluate the success of your video content and provide feedback to inform future video campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Jaffe can help your firm with its video content production and strategy, contact Terry M. Isner at