According to a recent survey of in-house counsel, 77% of respondents said that client alerts were the most valuable form of law firm-generated content, while practice group newsletters came in second. As the statistics reflect, your clients do not just expect your law firm to provide legal services – they expect you to be a publisher of timely legal information and analysis.

While the development of alerts and newsletters takes effort and time, the investment can lead to a significant payoff. Here are some of the benefits of client alerts and newsletters:

  • They reflect the thought leadership of the firm or practice’s attorneys, thus bolstering their credibility.
  • They provide a service to your prospects and clients by keeping them informed, which in turn helps foster the trusted advisor relationship.
  • They are a form of direct digital marketing, which means you are placing content directly into your audience’s inbox rather than hoping they stumble upon it.
  • Recipients can easily opt out, which means that those who opt in can be considered a pool of potential leads. You also have access to important metrics, such as open and click-through rates, which can further inform your marketing strategy.
  • They extend the ROI of existing content. By repackaging content that has already been developed – e.g., blog posts, contributed articles, etc. – and incorporating it into your newsletter, you can increase that content’s shelf life.

How can Jaffe help you with client alerts and newsletters?

As the legal industry’s full-service marketing and PR agency, Jaffe can manage every aspect of your client alerts and newsletters, from conception to execution to analysis. We work with your attorneys and marketers to assess your audience profiles and develop a content strategy that speaks specifically to your desired customer base. We also advise on content development and can leverage our writing talent to write on your firm’s behalf. Our creative team can develop templates that give your alerts and newsletters a professional look that aligns with your brand, while our business development team can assist with strategies to grow your lists. After deployment, our digital strategists can help you analyze your metrics and deliver actionable steps to help you continue to increase the return on your investment.

Want to learn more about how we can help with client alerts and newsletters? Contact Terry M. Isner at And if you want to read a case study about how we improved our own newsletter, click here.