Many law firm websites lack a clear call to action (CTA), and that’s a major problem. Ideally, marketing is a process of steps, where users engage with the firm’s brand in some way and then take an additional action that, over time, ushers them down the sales funnel to become a client. A call to action serves as a prompt that encourages users to take the next step in this process.

A law firm website without a clear call to action is like a highway with no exit signs. It leads to a directionless experience for the visitor, which results in prospects abandoning the buyer journey. 

Why do so many law firm websites lack this essential element? Sometimes it’s an oversight or a lack of knowledge about best practices. Other times, law firms feel it is unseemly for their brand, especially corporate law firms that see it as a plaintiffs’ firm tactic.

Law firms need to move past the notion that it’s unprofessional to do anything more than offer contact information. Here are a few suggested steps to help your website visitor move from passive reader > engaged prospect > new client through practice group descriptions that are more effective and oriented toward action.

Be direct. Not in-your-face direct — but helpful direct. Content should encourage the reader to act, such as: “If you’d like to speak with an attorney in our practice, please use this form, and we’ll be in touch with you…”*

Send help. The final paragraph of any practice group description is critical for the reader’s journey on your site and might be your last chance to get readers to take action. Adding a subhead like “How We Help Our Clients” or “How Can We Help You?” quickly communicates the desired response.

It’s all about your clients. The bulk of the content in most practice area descriptions typically reflects what the firm has done on its clients’ behalf. To help move your reader to take action, use that final paragraph to remind readers how clients have benefited by working with the attorneys at your firm. This is a perfect segue into your CTA.

Call me — maybe. Make contacting your firm on mobile super-easy. Check to ensure that all links to phone numbers are active when clicked. Likewise, be sure to include an appropriately sized call button for your mobile users.


How Can Jaffe Help You with Writing Content?

Jaffe’s experienced content marketing consultants can translate your marketing objectives into website copy that is compelling and effective — and includes a call to action. In fact, we can help you with every aspect of the content process.

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*Many firms require additional language indicating that a client-attorney relationship has not yet been established, so be sure to seek guidance from your firm’s general counsel before making any substantive copy changes.