Take a moment to think of all the channels you use to communicate with your audience. If you’re like most professional service marketers, you’ll probably list at least a half-dozen media, including any number of the following: your website, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, public relations, direct mail, digital and print advertisements, webinars, live events, and speaking engagements.

Now think about how many brands your firm has. Unless you’re counting subordinate brands,  such as a practice group, your answer should be one.

While you would think it would be easy to represent a single brand consistently in all means of communication, the truth is that it’s often fairly challenging. This is because most firms fragment their various marketing functions. For example, they might hire one vendor to handle public relations and another to manage email marketing. Or perhaps everything is housed internally but spread among different personnel who rarely work together, creating a silo effect.

For a firm’s brand identity to achieve the greatest impact in the marketplace, it must be consistent throughout all channels. Your firm’s mission and its values, its key differentiators, its core competencies, its visual elements and messaging must have congruency to maintain its legitimacy. To accomplish this requires developing a strong brand identity that is accompanied by a comprehensive branding strategy that addresses every channel where the firm is active.

How Can Jaffe Help You Express Your Brand Consistently?

Jaffe helps firms craft authentic brands. Our goal is to accurately express who you are to key external stakeholders throughout multiple channels, with a particular focus on finding the humanity within your identity. We work with your leadership and marketing team to identify your firm values, core competencies and key differentiators to develop unique messaging and other brand attributes, from logos and templates to mission statements and taglines, that connect empathetically with your audience. Our branding experts also develop comprehensive cross-channel brand strategies so no matter how you choose to communicate, your firm’s identity remains consistent.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jaffe’s branding services, contact Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing & Branding, at tisner@jaffepr.com.