Jaffe’s branding experts recently did some due diligence to see what resources are out there for legal marketers interested in learning more about the branding process. What we discovered was shocking: While numerous branding checklists are available online, very few did anything to actually address what branding really is.

Yes, logos, taglines and color schemes are all important elements of a brand, but they are merely the capstones of a much larger and more involved process. To have a brand—to truly have a brand—requires an open-minded exploration of a law firm’s identity. In formulating this identity, there are multiple categories of stakeholders. As you’ll see below, each category plays an important role.

  • The Law Firm: No surprise here, but it’s important to remember that it’s not just your management that dictates your brand; it’s everybody within the organization, from partners and associates to administrators. This is because brand identity is influenced significantly by corporate culture and core values.
  • Your Clients: You can brand yourself all you want, but it won’t amount to anything if that image doesn’t jibe with the perceptions of your clients. Interview current and past clients to better understand the actual value and differentiators you bring to the table, rather than the value and differentiators you think you bring to the table.
  • Everyone Else: The media, your competitors, your peers and the general public all have a take on your brand—one that can carry significant weight and affect business development.  

How can Jaffe help with law firm branding?

Jaffe takes a 360-degree approach to law firm branding. Our team of marketing, content, creative and digital strategists works together to assess your brand from all angles. We conduct thorough analysis to determine not just what you think separates you from the pack but what your clients and prospects think distinguishes you. We then take this information and develop a comprehensive plan to define your law firm’s identity and express it internally and externally through a blend of integrated content marketing tactics, from public relations to your website to printed collateral. For a firm that already has a brand identity, we can help you refresh your branded elements, such as your logo, tagline and core messaging statements.   

Are you ready to discover your brand? For more information, contact Terry M. Isner at tisner@jaffepr.com