Just like a sports coach helps athletes, a business development coach is your ally. Their goal is to identify the gaps in your skill sets and provide you with a tailored exercise regimen to ensure you’re performing at the top of your game. They also help you assess the unique opportunities and challenges in your particular practice area and market so you have a playbook to guide you from downfield all the way to the end zone.

Who uses business development coaches?

Are you an up-and-coming associate and need a little lift to help you make partner? Maybe you’re already a partner, and you want to grow your book of business. Or maybe you’re a solo practitioner, and you need to figure out a strategy to identify leads and navigate them through the sales process. Whatever your situation is, if you want to be a law firm MVP, you need a coach.

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How can Jaffe help you develop business?

Jaffe’s business development professionals are veterans of the legal industry. Not only do they know how to usher prospects through the sales cycle—from awareness to interest to research to purchase—but they also understand the unique market challenges that law firms face. Whether you are looking for a one-on-one intensive to help you identify and strengthen your skill gaps or a group program that can be conducted with an entire practice or firm, Jaffe can help. Our business development coaching services are completely scalable to meet your needs. In the end, our goal is to make you a star by increasing your sales.

Want to learn more about our business development coaching services? Contact Terry M. Isner at tisner@jaffepr.com.