You don’t have to blaze new trails to succeed in content marketing. You can follow a lead created by others instead, just like BMW. BMW is taking a very broad approach, using a content strategy it claims has increased visitors to its re-launched website by 27%, reports Marketing Week. This content is described as “relevant and snackable.” Their easy-to-read pieces increase the number of those aware of BMW’s brand and products.

The company’s global head of digital marketing, Jorg Poggenpohl, announced last month that the company’s more immersive and engaging content seeks to improve awareness by covering issues such as lifestyle, design, innovation and fashion. These are all topics of interest to potential BMW customers who, while consuming this content, become more involved with the company and its products.

You can also provide content that’s not directly related to your services but will get the attention of potential clients. This could be anything from retirement planning to running a business, area real estate trends or making the process of choosing your child’s college less stressful.

Content that focuses narrowly on issues you address can be very helpful, but a wider net may result in your firm hauling in a bigger catch.

How can Jaffe help with your content strategy?

The website content we can provide for your firm conveys information and messages in a way that educates and engages your audience. It would separate your firm from the competition and help you forge deep connections with future and current clients. Learn more about how your website can stand out from the crowd by reading this recent blog.

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