“We want our marketing program to be client-focused.”

At Jaffe, this is one of our top requests from the in-house legal marketers we advise. It is the right strategy to have, but it can be a challenging one to execute. That is because too often, client-focused marketing strategies are developed based on assumptions made by those serving the clients, rather than information directly from the clients themselves.

So how do you get the perspective of the client? You talk to them.

Through client interviews, law firms can get feedback on a variety of marketing and business development initiatives, including:

  • Branding – The client perception of the law firm brand is more important than the law firm’s perception of its own brand. At the end of the day, your brand is defined by external perceptions.
  • Client Acquisition and Growth – All law firms tout the experience of their lawyers. Often, what separates one attorney from another is their approach to client service. Gaining feedback on client satisfaction and opportunities to improve client service are critical to retention and growth.
  • Content – While trial and error is one method of developing copy that resonates with your audience, you can abbreviate the process by asking the audience directly what kind of messaging and language speaks to them.
  • Relationship Marketing – How much marketing outreach is too much? Are your social media posts going unnoticed, and if so, why? Asking your clients about the channels they use and their behaviors on those channels can help you adjust your relationship marketing efforts, including email marketing and social media. 

Finally, standardizing and systematizing the client interview process is critical to the quality of your results. Important information can be missed if you don’t ask the right questions. Furthermore, failure to organize the process can result in a lack of follow through.

How Can Jaffe Help Your Law Firm with Client Interviews?

Jaffe has helped scores of law firms gain greater insights into their marketing and business development strategies by assisting with all aspects of the client interview process. Our business development and marketing strategists can manage the entire interview process, from devising questionnaires to going out and speaking with clients to developing reports with clearly executable action items. For law firms that would prefer to conduct the interview process themselves, Jaffe can consult on drafting interview questions, assist with project management or provide analysis of client responses. Our goal is to procure the most-relevant information from your clients to inform your firm’s future success.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help you with client interviews? Contact Terry M. Isner at tisner@jaffepr.com.