No longer do law firms need to be convinced that content marketing is a trend. There is a growing understanding that it is a non-negotiable legal marketing tactic. But legal marketers still struggle with how to best strategize and execute their content initiatives, particularly as they face real-world challenges. These include:

  • An oversaturated information marketplace
  • An audience with limited attention
  • A lack of time and resources to generate a high volume of content

Fortunately there is a single solution to help overcome all these hurdles, and that is to rely on niche content marketing.

What Is Niche Content Marketing?

Niche content marketing is simply narrowing the scope of the subject matter and audiences for your content campaigns. The strategy is a time-tested one and has been used successfully by major brands (e.g., Coca-Cola’s water replenishing campaign) and publishers (e.g., NeedlePoint Now). By providing a narrow topic with substantive coverage, your thought leadership will reach a more concentrated and highly engaged audience. This means you actually have the capability to “own” a specific subject matter, rather than competing with dozens of other law firms, or worse, major legal and business publications that are already writing about certain topics in-depth.

Here are some examples of law firm niche content marketing:

How can Jaffe help you with niche content marketing?

Our experienced content strategists can work with you to identify an area for which your law firm, a practice or a specific attorney can shine. We conduct thorough competitive analysis to narrow down a specific focus for your content efforts and help you design an editorial strategy that will break through the content clutter. In addition, our design team can develop a unique look in which you can package your content, while our SEO strategists can implement on-page SEO tactics to get your content noticed.

Want to learn more about how niche content marketing can benefit your firm? Contact Terry M. Isner at