Home improvement shows on HGTV haven’t just improved the bottom line for their sponsors, like Home Depot — they’ve also boosted the confidence of weekend Do-it-Yourselfers. Before these shows, who knew to look for a load-bearing wall or even what MDF stood for?

Working alongside Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan or Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna, you’ll always spot a professional crew, right there to handle the heavy lifting. Even Nicole Curtis, aka the Rehab Addict, calls in her team of pros when her restoration project requires a level of expertise beyond her experience.

What’s the connection to legal PR?

The need to rely on a team of professionals also rings true in legal PR. Most law firm marketing directors can write a good press release, manage press inquiries and understand when their firm has a good story to tell. But putting the PR hat on top of the usual dozen-plus other hats often means the activity-juggling becomes too much and something gives. Invariably, the marketing director will need to turn to an outside resource for assistance.

Law firms face situations every day that require outside PR consultants to wield the tools of their trade to get the job done, such as:

  • The firm (or its client) faces a crisis and needs communications advice and support.
  • The firm has significant news to share (a litigation, a win in court, an important lateral joining, etc.).
  • The firm seeks a raised profile firmwide and throughout several key practices through ongoing and strategic media relations.
  • The firm does not have established relationships with media contacts to regularly promote an attorney or practice.
  • The firm needs help with breaking into a new market.
  • The firm needs assistance with managing or following a cybersecurity breach.

How can Jaffe augment your firm’s PR efforts?

Jaffe has nearly 40 years of experience in assisting law firms with media relations efforts. We have established deep relationships with prominent national and regional legal and business publications and understand what reporters are looking for in legal sources. By learning about your firm, practices and attorneys, we can help determine the value of a specific media opportunity and prepare talking points to ensure that your lawyer gives the best interview possible.

Want more information about how Jaffe can help you with your media opportunities? Contact Vivian Hood at vhood@jaffepr.com