Does your law firm have a set of core values? If not, you’re not alone. Many law firms lack a set of explicitly stated core values that lay the foundation for the firm’s internal culture. While that might not appear to be a setback to success, failing to have a set of organizational guiding principles can erode cohesion among attorneys and staff, which can result in a less than optimal client experience. 

But what do core values look like? Different firms will adopt different values. That’s how you develop a unique identity. Just look at Amazon’s leadership principles, Walmart's core values and Whole Foods’ core values.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Core Values?

Are you interested in adopting a set of core values to define your firm’s internal culture and improve client experiences? Jaffe’s consultants can work with you to conduct a comprehensive discovery process that surveys crucial stakeholders inside and outside your firm to identify your firm’s core values. With a set of core values in place, our creative, digital and content specialists can strategize and execute ways to express these values internally and externally.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help your firm identify its core values? Contact Terry M. Isner, Owner/CEO, Branding & Business Development, at