Does your law firm have a set of core values? For most firms, the answers is no, at least not explicitly. And while that may not seem like a significant setback to success, the fact is that failing to have a foundation of values that your entire firm buys into – from staff to attorneys –erodes the authenticity of your brand.

Your law firm’s brand identity is not a fabrication that marketers must persuade clients and prospects to believe. Rather, it is a culmination of the authentic identity of your firm combined with the perceptions of your clients and prospects. To have an effective brand, a firm must genuinely stand up for what it believes in, and these beliefs manifest themselves as a law firm’s core values. These values should be stated explicitly, both internally and externally, so the firm can hold itself and all of its staff and attorneys accountable.

But what do core values look like? Different firms will adopt different values. That’s how you develop a unique identity. Just look at any sector outside of law, from retailers (see Amazon’s leadership principles) to grocers (see Whole Foods’ core values) to airlines (see Southwest’s core values), and you will find that many highly successful organizations operate by and promote a unique set of core values.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Core Values?

Are you looking to run your law firm more like a business? Interested in adopting a set of core values as a foundation to forge a powerful brand identity? Jaffe specializes in partnering business strategy with creative marketing tactics to drive law firms toward their ultimate business goals. Our business consultants can work with you to conduct a comprehensive discovery program that surveys crucial stakeholders inside and outside your firm to identify your firm’s existing core values. Once a set of core values is agreed upon, Jaffe’s creative, digital and content specialists can develop branded materials and messages to help convey these values in all firm marketing channels. 

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help your firm identity its core values? Contact Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing & Branding, at