Every law firm has its own unique identity. The same can be said for each individual lawyer. Cultivating and capitalizing on an attorney’s brand is a task that requires an integrated approach that combines strategic public relations and marketing. While crafting the reputation of an attorney can take time, the payoff can be significant. Industry decision-makers will begin to see the lawyer as a go-to resource for thought leadership and – ideally – legal services. 

Before investing the time in shaping and promoting the reputation of an attorney, it’s important to carefully select which attorneys are best suited for this level of personalized attention. Rainmakers and lawyers who have a unique niche or standing reputation in a particular industry are prime candidates. However, you also want to make sure the lawyers you select to promote are going to take the time to participate in the PR and marketing initiatives you offer. Without their buy-in, your efforts will lack results.

Once you have identified the attorneys you would like to promote, it’s time to develop an integrated approach to honing their reputations. Tactics should include, but are not limited to:

How Can Jaffe Help You Brand Your Attorneys?

Not only has Jaffe helped cultivate the brand identities of our law firm clients, we also have applied the same tactics to magnifying the reputations and influence of individual attorneys. We apply a multi-tactic approach to develop authentic identities for lawyers that more powerfully reflect their subject matter expertise. Whether it is pitching an attorney as an interview source on a niche topic or revising lawyer bios to reflect their greatest strengths more clearly, Jaffe has the strategic thinking to make your lawyers shine.

Interested in learning how we can help make your lawyers into stars? Contact Terry M. Isner, Owner/CEO, Branding & Business Development, at tmisner@jaffepr.com.