The sales cycle and your marketing activities are inseparable, so you should consider how every marketing initiative your firm undertakes fits into the business development workflow that leads to sales success. Sometimes the connections are apparent, such as a contact form on a website that prospects complete for more information about your services. Other times, the linkage is less obvious.

This is often the case with public relations. Many view public relations as a tool to shape the reputation of an attorney, practice or firm and to raise visibility through media exposure. All that is true, but it is also important to understand how these activities fit into a firm’s sales process.    

These are just a few ways in which law firm PR helps lawyers and legal marketers attract new clients and sell legal services.

  • Awareness: By gaining exposure across media platforms, particularly those whose audiences are key targets for your firm, practice or attorney, you are casting a wide net for pulling prospects into the sales funnel. While most leads will not take further action at this stage, sales is a numbers game, and a single media placement can attract large numbers.
  • Credentialing: When an attorney is quoted in a news story or writes a bylined article, they are capitalizing on the credibility of the publication to enhance their credentials, an important differentiator for your firm’s attorneys that also increases brand equity.
  • Content Fuel: In the era of integrated marketing, public relations plays a critical role in fueling a firm’s content marketing initiative. Media placements can be repurposed in various ways as firm-owned content, such as client alerts, blogs and slide presentations. These types of materials often play a significant role farther along in the sales cycle.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Public Relations?

Jaffe has more than four decades of experience in providing public and media relations services to law firms. Our national team of highly experienced legal PR professionals collaborates with our clients to identify meaningful stories and share them with the world. We have helped law firms of all sizes gain traction among legal, business and industry media through proactive media pitches, bylined article placements, press release distribution and interview opportunities.

To learn more about Jaffe’s public relations services, contact Vivian Hood, CEO/Owner, Public Relations, at