You receive an email from a reporter at an unfamiliar media outlet, seeking sources for an upcoming story, and she would like to interview one of your attorneys. You’re excited about the possible press coverage, but you’re unsure whether this is the right opportunity for your firm.

How can you determine whether this media opportunity is worth the effort?

There are a number of tactics that every legal public relations professional can take to vet media opportunities that cross their desks. These are just some of the steps a legal marketer should take in fielding a request from an unknown reporter.

  • Search the outlet: Who is the audience? Is its content in line with your attorneys’ thought leadership? Find an “About” link to learn more about its subject matter and frequency. Download the media kit to better understand its demographics and editorial calendar.
  • Investigate the reporter: What else has the reporter written? Does he or she appear to have a specific beat, and if so, what angle does his or her coverage typically take? Where else has he or she worked, and how deep is the reporter’s experience with the interview topic? Is there any reason to believe the interview could be hostile?
  • Review the topic: Is the subject of the reporter’s inquiry in line with an area of interest for your attorneys? How will it benefit your firm, a practice or a lawyer if one of your firm’s attorneys were to contribute thought leadership to the story?
  • Check the DA: DA stands for “Domain Authority,” which is an industry-accepted metric that determines the overall dominance of a particular website. A DA score ranges from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest score. Opportunities tied to publications with a high DA are likelier to be worthwhile opportunities. (Here’s a free tool to check a site’s DA.)

How can Jaffe help you identify good media opportunities?

Jaffe has nearly 40 years of experience in assisting law firms with media relations efforts. We have established deep relationships with prominent national and regional legal and business publications and are able to easily vet the quality of a particular request. In addition, by learning about your firm, practices and attorneys, we can help determine the value of a specific media opportunity and assist in constructing talking points to ensure that your lawyer gives the best interview possible.

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