The social media landscape continues to evolve, and law firm marketing is evolving with it. Many firms have embraced social media as a useful marketing, public relations and brand-building tool, particularly long-established platforms like LinkedIn (a top contender for B2B marketing) and Facebook (a top contender for B2C marketing).

But audience tastes are changing as technology is changing, and the social media arena is becoming more crowded.

One of the newer, and extremely popular, platforms is TikTok. It’s an app that consists of brief, user-generated videos, ranging from the educational to the downright absurd. TikTok currently has a user base of more than 1 billion active users, putting it on the same footing as rival Instagram. (Instagram has a competing feature called Reels that allows users to upload brief videos in the style of TikTok.) While users on TikTok skew younger, 21% of U.S. adults use the platform, according to Pew Research.

How can law firms take advantage of TikTok and similar social platforms? Here are a few ideas.

  • Commentary: One of the most effective forms of marketing for lawyers is thought leadership, and video is an excellent medium for timely commentary. Develop a series where you comment on news events and viral content relevant to your practice. For best results, inject some personality as a way to brand yourself. See @ugolord, who currently has 4.3 million followers thanks to his interactive “Who’s Liable” series.   
  • Humor: Comedic content plays very well on multimedia platforms like TikTok, and some lawyers have leveraged humor successfully to build a following and gain online recognition. See @attorneyryan, an employment attorney with nearly 1 million followers, who uses a mix of humor and thought leadership to draw an audience.
  • Educational: Content doesn’t have to be pure entertainment to attract viewers.

Providing general, useful information about the law can garner a huge following, as evidenced by the 5.9 million users who subscribe to @lawbymike, a former associate at Reed Smith whose content includes information about how to interact with the police. 

How Can Jaffe Help You with Social Media?

Jaffe’s consultants combine digital strategy with creative thinking to help lawyers and law firms stand out among their peers in the competitive online world. We collaborate with firms to develop strategies that guide content creation and social media activity, including activity on multimedia sites like Instagram and TikTok. If you’re new to user-generated content, Jaffe can walk you through do-it-yourself production best practices, including capturing audio and video. For those who don’t have time to manage and monitor a social media account, our social media consultants can take over this labor-intensive task on your behalf.

For more information about how Jaffe can help you create TikTok and other multimedia social content, contact Keith Ecker at