Making a strategic lateral hire can be a boon to a firm’s bottom line. Legal marketers and PR professionals can play a critical role in attracting and persuading lateral hires to take the leap to join their firms. 

Here are some strategies that law firm marketing departments can employ to appeal to potential new hires.

  • Public Relations: Public relations isn’t just about broadly shaping the firm’s reputation to appeal to prospective clients; it’s also a way to influence the firm’s reputation in the legal industry itself. By promoting the appeal of your firm through media relations, you raise awareness among potential lateral hires who might be looking to leave their current situations for greener pastures.
  • Content Marketing: Creating collateral that speaks to the benefits of working at the firm and its culture is a critical step in attracting lateral hires. This includes filling in information on your firm’s LinkedIn Company Page, which is a primary resource for possible recruits. 
  • Websites: While most lateral hires are going to come from relationships nurtured by your firm’s attorneys, it still helps to promote the benefits of working at the firm via a “Careers” page on your website. Ideally, this page is accessible from the law firm’s homepage, whether within the site’s primary navigation system or linked to the footer.    
  • Branding/Culture: Developing a positive law firm culture that rewards good work and commits to a specific set of core values is essential to attracting and retaining lateral hires. Law firms can promote this culture through strategic branding that reflects a firm’s unique attributes.

How can Jaffe help you attract lateral hires?

With our decades of experience in shaping the reputations of law firms, Jaffe knows how to make your brand stand out to prospective lateral hires. We take an integrated approach to promoting your firm, creating comprehensive strategies that operate on every communications front — including public relations, marketing and branding. From developing media pitches that promote the benefits of your firm to designing digital and printed materials to help attract big-name laterals, Jaffe can serve as a valuable resource for your law firm’s marketing and recruiting initiatives.       

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