Professional services marketers usually operate as either artists or scientists. The artists devise and execute campaigns based on a combination of instinct and creativity. The scientists, on the other hand, love data and use information to determine strategy. While the artist approach has its benefits, playing the dual role of scientist is critical to success in professional services marketing.

Just how do you incorporate science into your creative campaigns? The answer is market research.

Market research falls into two broad categories: qualitative and quantitative. For the best ROI, companies should employ both. Here are some examples of each type.

Qualitative Research: Qualitative data are all about descriptions. This type of market research includes client demographics (e.g., employee count, market capitalization, geographic location, etc.), perceptions of your brand and client testimonials, among other data.

Quantitative Research: Quantitative data are all about the numbers. This type of market research includes counts and rates of client acquisition and attrition, practice area and industry sector growth and losses, and seasonal rises and falls in revenue.  

Once you have the data, you can start piecing together a story about your brand, your business development efforts, your client service and your marketing strategy. You can see what is working, and what isn’t. You can determine gaps, and then — by using your marketing artistry — develop creative campaigns to close them.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Market Research?

Jaffe’s professional services marketing and business strategy professionals can help you throughout the market research cycle. We develop and execute market research plans that capture critical business insights you need to get buy-in from firm leaders and meet your objectives. Once information is collected, Jaffe can analyze the results to develop a comprehensive report and corresponding plan that leverages creative solutions. We then can manage execution and provide evaluation to gauge the success of your strategy.

For more information about how Jaffe can help enhance your business development efforts with market research, contact Terry M. Isner at