Successful marketing is all about relationships, and just like any relationship, the connection between lawyer and client or prospect requires cultivation. That’s why it’s important to ensure that relationship-building is built into your marketing strategy. In some circles, this approach is referred to as relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing for lawyers is especially important given that many client engagements occur because of accumulated trust and confidence that the attorney has earned with a particular contact. This trust can be built with a decision-maker at the prospect or with a referral source, including existing clients. Either way, by infusing relationship marketing tactics into your strategy, you enhance the ability of your efforts to result in new business.

Here are a few relationship marketing tactics and tools you can employ to manage your prospect and client relationships.

Email newsletters: Newsletters can serve as a potent relationship marketing tactic. By having your audience opt in to receive regular updates from your firm, you can consistently make contact with substantive and useful information. This proves your value and helps strengthen the bond between your brand and your recipients.

Client alerts: Timely client alerts with substantive analysis and clear takeaways can position your attorneys as useful and respected experts on a particular issue or topic. Ideally, you would distribute these through email and make them accessible from the firm’s website and social media feeds.

Social media: Social media can be a powerful relationship marketing tool if used strategically. While sharing relevant content is good, the key to unlocking social media’s relationship-building potential is in the interactions: retweeting, direct messaging, commenting, etc., especially when doing so from your personal account.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is not a single marketing discipline. It is a strategy that fits into the context of integrated marketing, where multiple tactics come together to support a unified goal. For relationship marketing to work, you need a game plan.

Jaffe’s marketing, business development and digital consultants can work with your firm to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aims to build and nurture relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources. We can then assist you in executing and evaluating the success of your relationship marketing efforts on an ongoing basis, helping you pivot and refine your process in response to an ever-changing and uncertain market. 

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