Legal marketing zombies are among us. Maybe you know one. Maybe you are one. They spread their mindless tactics, devouring their law firm’s resources and leaving mere scraps of ROI in their wake. As our industry faces increased competition and technological disruption, we need to collectively stand up now more than ever and fight back against the zombie horde!

Many legal marketing zombies are adept at blending in, making it hard to sniff out the afflicted. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs to help you detect the walking dead. Here are five behaviors frequently seen in legal marketing zombies.

  1. Everything they share on social media is firm news. Zombies don’t understand the “social” component of social media. They fail to share thought leadership or curate articles from third-party sources, resulting in a near flat-line level of engagement.
  2. They give all practice areas equal attention. Marketing zombies often fail to look at the big picture. If they did, they’d understand the value of investing money and time into practice areas proportional to current or forecasted demands, based on market conditions.
  3. They build a website and never update it. Zombies marketers make zombie websites. This is why a zombie marketer will invest months of time into building a new online presence for their firm – only to let the site stagnate by neglecting to add any new content or features. 
  4. They use tired phrases to describe their law firms. The vocabulary of marketing zombies is limited. Descriptive text tends to be unimaginative – the term “full-service” comes to mind – rather than reflective of a rich, verbal brand identity. 
  5. They avoid leveraging multimedia. Legal marketing zombies are not thrilled with change. Multimedia – online videos, podcasts and animations – represent a drastic shift in strategy that instills confusion and fear in them.

How Jaffe Can Help You Stop the Zombie Apocalypse

Whether you want to avoid a zombie marketing fate or if you fear you may already be one, Jaffe can help. The quickest way to cure zombification is to inject creativity and strategy into your marketing and public relations initiatives. Jaffe’s expert consultants have skills that span the entire legal marketing spectrum, from branding and content marketing strategy to business development and media relations. We also provide managerial consulting and law firm ranking assistance.

Interested in learning more about how you can help fight the zombies? Contac Jaffe at for more information.