If you’re an avid user of any of the major social networks, chances are you’ve noticed an increase in popularity of a certain kind of user-generated content: a type of post that appears for a limited time before disappearing into the ether. Referred to as ephemeral media, this content has yet to be fully embraced by the legal marketing profession, probably because its use can be confounding. However, with a little creativity and discipline, ephemeral media can be a valuable component to a content marketing program. 

What Is Ephemeral Media?

Ephemeral media pretty much works the same in all major social media platforms. A piece of ephemeral media is a social media post that has a limited lifespan and often appears — briefly — at the top of a page. Posts can take the form of images, videos or text. Users can often add additional elements to an ephemeral post, such as emojis, GIFs or music, to give it more appeal or insert some humor.

Most platforms refer to their version of ephemeral media as “stories.” Twitter is the outlier, referring to its ephemeral content as “fleets.”

How to Use Ephemeral Media

It might sound strange to invest time into creating a piece of content only to watch it disappear a day later. However, ephemeral media can feel timely and authentic, especially because these posts lack the distraction of comments or links. Because this content is often featured at the top of a page, it is also less likely to get lost in a busy social feed.

Here are a few ways to use ephemeral content. To learn more, read this post about LinkedIn Stories by Melanie Trudeau, Director, New Business & Digital Strategies.

Express firm culture: Snap a few pictures of colleagues in the office or on Zoom calls, and include clever badges and text.

Feature community work: If the firm sponsors a community event or members volunteer for a fundraiser or charitable cause, use visual content to highlight these activities.

Share presentations: Post a series of slides from a recent presentation (make sure to save them as images).

How Can Jaffe Help You with Ephemeral Content?

Any type of social media content requires one part creativity and one part strategy. Jaffe offers expert-level talent in both areas with our industry-leading digital strategy and creative teams. We develop social media tactics that take available firm resources and existing brand attributes into account. The result is a comprehensive, goal-oriented social strategy that blends organic and paid media for maximum results.

To learn more about Jaffe’s social media capabilities, contact Melanie Trudeau at mtrudeau@jaffepr.com.