Successful marketing is all about relationships, and just like any relationship, the connection between service provider and prospective client requires cultivation. This is the customer journey, and it begins with awareness and ends with the decision to make a purchase. (And even once a sale is made, the relationship requires effort to maintain.)

The distance between initial awareness and the eventual sale leaves a lot of room for additional activity. After all, just like in real-life friendships, you can’t simply introduce yourself to someone and expect to become best friends. You have to manage the relationship, ushering the prospect through the client journey and down the sales funnel. This process is known as relationship marketing, and its purpose is to retain the interest of prospects, as well as existing clients, by maintaining contact while proving value and increasing trust.

A number of marketing tactics fit the relationship marketing framework. Here are a few of the tools you can employ to manage your prospect and client relationships.

Email marketing: Perhaps no other tactic is a more-potent relationship marketing tool than email marketing. By having your audience opt in to receive regular updates from your firm, you can consistently make contact with substantive and useful information. This proves your value and helps strengthen the bond between your brand and your recipients.

CRM solutions: It’s pretty much right in the name — customer relationship management software. This technology is critical for any firm that is serious about bringing a process to the art of the sale. With a CRM solution, you can keep close tabs on the quality of the relationships you have with each of your contacts and gauge where they are on the client journey.

Social media marketing: Social media can be a powerful relationship marketing tool if used strategically. While sharing relevant content is good, the key to unlocking social media’s relationship marketing potential is in the interactions: retweeting, direct messaging, commenting, etc.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is not a single marketing discipline. It is a strategy that fits within the context of integrated marketing, where multiple tactics come together to support a unified goal. For relationship marketing to work, you need a game plan.

Jaffe’s marketing, business development and digital consultants can work with your firm to develop a comprehensive relationship marketing strategy that incorporates assets your firm already has at its disposal, from email marketing to CRM to social media. We also can recommend new tools for you to consider to make your initiative as robust as possible. We can then assist you in executing and evaluating the success of your relationship marketing efforts on an ongoing basis, helping you pivot and refine in response to an ever-changing and uncertain market. 

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help you manage prospect and client relationships? Contact Terry M. Isner, Owner/CEO, Marketing & Branding, at