To some, “corporate core values” might sound like lip service. That makes sense, since so many companies rely on brand identities that rest on a foundation of inauthentic values and an absent culture. But when an organization actually commits to the values it holds and works to cultivate a genuine culture, its brand resonates deeply with its target audiences and effectively serves its purpose.

Law firms that recognize the important role culture and values play into business development and marketing are positioned for success. Those that fail to embrace these brand attributes are destined to be surpassed by the competition. This is particularly true in our current corporate landscape, where companies are having to take positions on divisive issues and choosing to marry their brands with various social efforts, such as environmental stewardship.

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How Can Jaffe Help You Foster Your Law Firm’s Culture?

Jaffe’s branding and marketing experts prioritize brand strategies that arise from a law firm’s authentic culture. Oftentimes, the first step in this process is discovering the internal and external perceptions of the law firm. We work with our clients to conduct attorney and client interviews to assess the viewpoints of a firm’s key stakeholders and analyze these to pinpoint trends as well as gaps. We then help our clients develop a strategy to further foster a law firm’s desired culture and influence these internal and external perceptions. Simultaneously, our PR and content marketing specialists develop strategies and campaigns to promote your authentic brand far and wide throughout the marketplace.

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