A law firm’s external brand, its internal culture and its values should all align with one another. That’s because the brand is an authentic outgrowth of a firm’s culture, and a firm’s culture is the authentic manifestation of its values.

Investing in assessing and cementing your firm’s values and culture through internal and external initiatives, such as team-building workshops and community service, makes good business sense.     

Consider that, increasingly, law firms and other corporate entities are being compelled to take sides on hot-button social issues, such as environmental stewardship. A firm that has a clear understanding of its values, its culture and its brand will be able to respond more effectively, preserving its stakeholder relationships and its public reputation.

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How Can Jaffe Help You Foster Your Law Firm’s Culture?

Jaffe helps law firms develop brand strategies that arise from their authentic cultures. Oftentimes, the first step in this process is discovering the internal and external perceptions of the law firm.

We work with our clients to conduct attorney and client interviews to assess the viewpoints of a firm’s key stakeholders and analyze these to pinpoint both trends and gaps. We then help our clients develop a strategy to further foster a law firm’s desired culture and influence these internal and external perceptions.

Simultaneously, our PR and content marketing specialists develop strategies and campaigns to promote your authentic brand far and wide throughout the marketplace.

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