We all make mistakes. Those running professional services firms try not to, but no one is perfect. Some of those mistakes can involve marketing and business development.

Many law and accounting firms are very good at developing new business, but they’re in the minority. Are you trying to grow your practice by the seat of your pants, without a marketing plan? Are you chasing after prospects who, in all likelihood, will never become clients? Are you bad at follow up and keeping in touch with potential clients?

If your firm has made these kinds of mistakes and is simply not doing as well as it should, there are steps you can take to make corrections. According to a recent Fast Company article, they include:

  • Manage your emotions: Deal with the pain that’s been caused, don’t brush it off. Cope with the consequences and don’t let past mistakes force you to stumble through the future.
  • Determine what went wrong: Are you taking on more than you can handle? Do you lack the expertise needed to reach your goals? Were your decisions based on assumptions, rather than facts and research?
  • Create a way to prevent the issue from happening again: After you determine what went wrong, take action to turn it around. Commit to spending more time and energy on business development, develop a marketing plan, or invest in a comprehensive, integrated marketing approach.

How can Jaffe help with marketing and business development?

Whether your firm wants marketing assistance with a particular project or needs help with ongoing marketing for the whole firm, we can help you reach the potential clients you seek. After they reach out to you, we can help you turn prospective clients into paying ones by empowering your staff with the necessary business development skills to grow your firm.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help your firm obtain new clients through marketing and business development? Contact Terry M. Isner today to find out.