Your law firm’s homepage is almost certainly one of the highest-traffic landing pages on your website. And it is often the first page a visitor sees. This makes it prime real estate for expressing your law firm’s brand and sharing new content.

It’s important to evaluate your law firm’s homepage every so often to determine whether it is still serving your firm and accurately capturing your brand. It’s also important to occasionally give your homepage a refresh to keep the site design modern and user-friendly.

Here are some attributes of homepage design and content you should review on your own law firm’s website.    

  • The hero area: This is the top part of the homepage usually occupied by a large image that represents the firm and serves as the first prominent piece of content a visitor sees. A hero image should capture the attention of the visitor while expressing an important aspect of the firm’s brand identity. Changing out the hero image on occasion is important to keep the visual identity of the homepage fresh. You can also consider replacing a static image with a carousel to give variety to this space.
  • Messaging statements: These statements are phrases or words that capture the main attributes of a firm’s brand. They act as mini taglines and often are overlaid on top of a hero image. You want your messaging statements to stand out from the competition, so avoid generic phrases or concepts.
  • Primary navigation: This is the menu at the top of your website that visitors use to navigate your site. Plotting out your primary navigation is key to creating a quality and seamless user experience. The less confusing your navigation, the more easily visitors can access the information they are looking for.
  • Other copy and images: Beyond the top part of your homepage, you should ensure that additional copy and images conform to your firm’s brand. You may wish to include a short statement about your firm’s history or its mission and focus. It’s also good to include new, timely content such as recent thought leadership articles or firm news.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Homepage Refresh?

Jaffe’s integrated approach to marketing allows us to assist law firms with every aspect of a homepage redesign. Our website developers and digital strategists will work with you to understand the back-end capabilities of your website and identify opportunities to enhance the user experience through front-end design. Meanwhile, our creative and content teams can collaborate to incorporate images and develop messaging statements that breathe new life into your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jaffe can help you refresh your law firm website’s homepage, contact Melanie Trudeau, Director of Digital Strategies, at