There’s a reason why a ship has a captain, a kitchen has a head chef and an army has a general. Each person in these positions serves as a leader in their respective areas. Without someone charting out strategies and making definitive decisions, ships sink, restaurants fail and battles are lost.

Law firms are no different. They demand leadership just as much as any other enterprise, yet because of the partnership model and industry tradition, many firms neglect to designate decision-makers who hold any real authority. Instead, firms often have rotating management committees that work toward building consensus in an effort to please as many stakeholders as possible, even if that is to the detriment of the firm.

Rather than create amorphous objectives and watered-down business strategies, law firm leaders need to start thinking like business owners. And that means creating short-term plans and long-term strategies with clearly outlined steps toward success. It means addressing the needs of all constituents without feeling pressured to appease everyone. It means taking a hard look at compensation models, alternative billing arrangements, succession planning and generational issues. And above all else, it means having the confidence to lead.

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How Can Jaffe Help Your Leadership?

With more than 30 years of serving law firms, Jaffe knows the demands and challenges of the legal industry. Our legal business experts – many of whom have served as law firm CMOs and directors – are here to empower you and your attorneys to become optimal leaders with our new suite of law firm management consulting services.

As a true full-service agency, Jaffe provides law firm leadership training, management consulting and succession planning to move your firm ahead of the competition and position it for long-term success.

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