One of the key ingredients for successful legal marketing is to remain relevant. As technological innovation continues to alter marketing tactics and audience tastes continue to shift, due in part to generational changes in the workforce, the strategies and techniques you use to market your law firm and your attorneys must evolve.

Here are a few legal marketing trends Jaffe has identified that we believe will continue to affect how firms position themselves. This is not an exhaustive list of trends, nor are all of these new. In fact, some have been trending for some time. We just believe that these will continue to have a major influence on law firm marketing throughout 2024 and beyond.

  • Video Marketing: Whether used as a feature to create a more dynamic law firm website homepage or as a tactic to “stop the scroll” on social media, the use of video by law firms will continue to grow.
  • Podcasting: As the dust settles on the content marketing explosion of years past, law firms are getting wiser to the fact that quality often matters over quantity. Creating a compelling, high-quality podcast is a strategic form of content marketing that can help attorneys grow their reputations as thought leaders in a particular niche.
  • Name Changes: Name recognition is critical for any brand, but law firms have always suffered from the problem of too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to firm names. More law firms seem to be opting to go with truncated names to enhance their visibility in the market. (You can read more about this phenomenon in this Law360 article.)
  • Paid Social: Now that LinkedIn has rolled out Thought Leader Ads, we should be seeing more law firms investing in promoting their attorneys’ content through sponsored posts.

How can Jaffe help your marketing stay relevant?

For more than 40 years, Jaffe has been at the forefront of legal marketing and public relations. We have seen trends come and go as the market has shifted, whether due to downturns in the economy, increased reliance on technology or sudden shifts to remote work environments. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in all areas of marketing, from social media to websites to search.

When you work with Jaffe, you work with an integrated team of consultants, most of whom have law firm experience, who collectively pool their knowledge to accomplish the singular goal of making your firm more competitive.

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