As legal marketers and PR professionals, our ultimate goal is to help you and your firm achieve its business objectives, whether that means attracting new clients, increasing visibility in competitive markets or spreading the word that your firm is a great place to work.

We have a number of tools in our toolbox to accomplish these goals, including:

  • Public relations
  • Digital content marketing, including websites, email and organic social media
  • Paid advertising, including display ads and paid social media
  • Business development consulting

These tactics were once seen as independent of one another, but over time, marketers and publicists have learned that the best results come when all activities are guided by a unified strategy. Known as integrated marketing, this method finds opportunities for different tactics to complement one another to maximize ROI.

Here are some examples of integrated marketing:

  • Using social media to identify and qualify new business leads
  • Using email marketing as a distribution channel for law firm blog content
  • Using data analytics to inform PR, marketing and biz dev strategies
  • Ensuring that all firm communications remain on message and on brand

Want to learn more about how integrated marketing can help you? Check out this article by one of Jaffe’s team members.

How can Jaffe help you integrate your marketing efforts? 

Jaffe is a full-service marketing, branding and PR agency. This comprehensive spectrum of services enables us to connect the dots of your marketing strategy to create a completely aligned and synchronized program that addresses all aspects of PR, content development, marketing and business development. Our expert consultants can help you assess your current practices, identify gaps and discrepancies in tactics, and formulate plans to help you integrate your efforts so you can carve out a clearer path to marketing victory.

Need help with integrating your marketing efforts? Contact Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Branding & Business Development, at