Social media is a powerful marketing and business development tool for law firms and lawyers. However, just being on social media isn’t enough. You have to understand the nuances of the social platform you are using and leverage best practices to reap the greatest return on your investment.

What is considered a “best practice” depends on the goals you are trying to achieve. A law firm’s Company Page on LinkedIn might be used to increase brand visibility, drive website traffic and highlight the firm’s culture. A lawyer’s personal LinkedIn account might be used as a personal branding tool and a means for professional networking. Each is going to require its own unique approach.

While reading up on social media strategies can be helpful, nothing rivals hands-on training. Social media training, whether one on one or in groups, can be tailored to your current level of knowledge, the resources available to you and the goals you are trying to achieve.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Social Media Training?

Jaffe’s social media experts work with your firm, marketers and attorneys to provide onsite and remote trainings about a variety of social media networks. Whether you’re looking for a basic, beginner-level social media primer or more in-depth customized training, Jaffe can deliver. For our tailored trainings, we work to understand your unique audiences, business objectives and challenges to ensure that you get the most value for your time.

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