For most visitors to a law firm website, the homepage is the first thing they will see. Consider it your first impression, and – as we all know – first impressions count. That’s why legal marketers should periodically assess their law firms’ homepages to determine whether the design, functionality and content are moving the firm toward its digital goals or away from them.

Purpose of a Law Firm Homepage

A law firm homepage has several primary purposes, including:

  • Presenting the brand of the firm
  • Conveying the firm’s culture and values
  • Providing insights into key differentiators and core competencies
  • Serving as the primary conduit to internal website pages

Design, Functionality and Content

The main ingredients of any law firm homepage are its design, its functionality and its content.

Design: The homepage should deliver a quality and seamless user experience for visitors across all platforms – both desktop and mobile – as well as all web browsers. Design should be intuitive, with segregated sections that promote additional, internal page content. It also should conform to and convey the firm’s visual identity by incorporating branded elements and corresponding colors. Images, particularly non-static ones, help grab visitors’ attention and – with the use of a feature like a carousel – keep the page looking fresh.

Functionality: Ideally, a homepage will regularly feature fresh content to keep the page from becoming stagnant and to entice visitors to return. A best practice is to develop predetermined buckets of internal page content (such as news items and thought leadership) that automatically populate the homepage when it loads. Calls to action can help encourage visitors to complete goals. For instance, an inline form (i.e., on the page as opposed to a pop-up window) for newsletter sign-ups will increase your firm’s email database.

Content: The firm should clearly and concisely convey its brand identity, core competencies and key differentiators on its homepage. This content should also interweave nods to the firm’s culture and values. Copy should not be exhaustive, but rather feature calls to action that urge visitors to click through to view additional, related content, such as a firm overview page or a page dedicated to describing the firm’s approach to client service.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Homepage?

With an integrated team of creative designers, copywriters, strategists and developers, Jaffe is able to fully assess and improve upon a law firm’s homepage. We work collaboratively with your in-house personnel to identify your firm’s goals and analyze gaps in your design, functionality and content that are hindering your success. We then develop and execute comprehensive strategies to perfect your homepage, as well as the rest of your website, to maximize the user experience and value to the visitor. We also provide SEO services to ensure that your law firm website ranks highly in search engine results.  

Need some help assessing your law firm homepage? Contact Melanie Trudeau, Director of Digital Services, at