Teamwork yields success. While fee earners are unquestionably important revenue generators, marketers, IT, business development specialists, receptionists, administrative assistants and other personnel also play significant roles in the firm ecosystem. Firms can benefit by recognizing that it takes a collaborative approach to thrive.  

In a year whose theme has been hardship and sacrifice, gratitude and empathy have become more important than ever. During this holiday season, consider ways in which you can extend thankfulness and appreciation to your staff. Furthermore, as we approach a new year, think about new policies and practices you can implement that foster a sense of equity and inclusion among members of the firm. Doing so can be a real morale booster and increase staff engagement.

Looking for ways to show appreciation for your staff? Here are a few ideas.

  • Send cards and distribute gifts: This one is pretty straightforward, and many firms already have this practice in place. If you don’t, it’s low-hanging fruit that can go a long way to making your staff feel acknowledged. Make sure to accompany any gift with a genuine message of thanks.
  • Add staff to the firm website: Many firms choose to only feature their fee earners on their websites. This can unintentionally cause staff members to question whether the firm respects their work. While it may not be necessary to give each staff member their own page, listing their names and titles can go a long way to fostering inclusion.
  • Change your language: The words you use can have big implications. For example, law firms routinely categorize firm personnel as either lawyers or non-lawyers, which creates a binary that can overlook team members’ unique contributions. If you’re crafting communications for the firm, be thoughtful with your phrasing.

How Can Jaffe Help You Recognize Your Staff?

At Jaffe, we know communications — both external and internal. We can help your firm strategize internal messages that capture genuine sentiments of thanks while incorporating language that fosters feelings of inclusivity. We also can act as your outside eyes to review firm communications and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. If you want to add staff to your website, our marketing team can work with you to design webpage templates and provide project management so your marketing team can concentrate on day-to-day tasks.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help you show appreciation for your staff? Contact Terry M. Isner at