Producing content isn’t easy. It takes an investment of time and money to do it right. But far too often, law firms treat content as a commodity—something to be created, pushed out and discarded. This strategy often ends in disappointment, as the results hardly justify the resources.

The solution is content strategy. Before you can develop content, you have to thoroughly think through and document how this content will be used. Where will it go, what audiences will it reach, how will you inspire readership, what are your KPIs and how will you drive conversions? These are all central questions that every law firm should consider before executing content development.

One major component of your content strategy should be repurposing content assets you’ve already created. Repurposing is simply taking one piece of content you’ve already developed and finding new ways to use it, usually with some adjustments. An example would be a bylined article that an attorney publishes in a prominent outlet that is then used as the inspiration for a blog post, which in turn contains a call-to-action that promotes the article. This creates a synergy among a law firm’s content assets and ties together your marketing efforts for a more integrated approach.

So if you’re thinking of maximizing the ROI on your content efforts, remember the following:

Reduce: Stop generating content on an endless cycle. Take some time to review your activities and see if there are more opportunities to repurpose content you’ve already generated.

Reuse: Find ways to reuse content you’ve already created. Did you deliver a PowerPoint presentation recently that you think would be of value to a larger audience? Reuse it by posting it on SlideShare and embedding it on your website as a resource.

Recycle: As mentioned, repurposing doesn't just mean circulating the same piece of content through different channels. Instead, reconfigure a piece of content so it resonates better with a new audience or performs better on a new channel.

How can Jaffe help with your content?

Jaffe’s content marketing experts can develop a tailored, comprehensive content strategy that meets any law firm’s unique needs. Our goal is to maximize ROI by doing the necessary groundwork to ensure your content marketing program runs efficiently and effectively. This includes assessing your current content initiative and taking an audit of your existing content assets. We also analyze your performance on the channels you are actively using and whether your current practices are resonating with the audiences you are trying to reach.

Once an assessment is made, Jaffe can help you identify content that is ripe for repurposing, edit and optimize it for various channels, and provide strategic insights on its performance.

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