If the sight of an RFP leaves you rubbing your temples, you’re not alone. Many legal marketers are delegated the time-consuming task of coordinating RFP responses. While the effort can result in new work for the law firm, developing a winning response can significantly disrupt the day-to-day responsibilities of the marketing department and the firm’s attorneys.

Broken down, an RFP response requires hours of research, attorney interviews, writing, editing and — if you really want to get a leg up on the competition — design to package the response in a way that reflects the quality and brand of the firm.

To make the endeavor even more challenging, developing a proposal as part of an RFP can feel like taking a shot in the dark. Often, respondents only have limited question-and-answer time and rarely do they provide any information about your competition.

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How Can Jaffe Help You with RFP Responses?

Our senior-level business consultants have the insights to help you make the RFP process not only more manageable but also more successful. We help law firms and legal marketing departments develop repeatable RFP response processes to increase efficiency from one proposal to the next. We also provide strategic input about RFP best practices, including guidance on research and attorney interviews, to ensure that you capture as much of the right information as possible. In addition, our team of content strategists, copywriters and designers can work with you to write, edit and package your response so your strengths stand out from the rest of the respondents.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help with your RFP responses? Contact Terry M. Isner at tmisner@jaffepr.com for more information.