Social media is often thought of as a digital space for people to interact and network with one another. But it’s also evolving into a robust advertising platform – one that is positioned to be a necessary addition to any law firm marketing plan. Already, brands are funneling billions of dollars a year into social media advertising, and this number is forecast to grow significantly in the coming years as Internet users opt to spend the majority of their time online on social networks. Plus, it’s a cost-effective solution, one thatmore than 50 percent of B2B marketers consider a “very” or “somewhat” low-cost ad option.

But what kinds of social media ad opportunities are available? And how can these opportunities benefit law firms?

Each social media network has its own advertising opportunities. Which channel and opportunity are best for your firm depends on a number of factors including your audience (i.e., consumers versus B2B) and your goals (i.e., increase website traffic, generate leads, gain more followers, etc.). Let’s look at two very different examples to see how social media ads work.

  • A corporate law firm operates a blog on tax trends in the state of Illinois. The firm wants to maximize the audience for its thought leadership. In this example, the firm might best be served by purchasing sponsored updates on LinkedIn. Sponsored updates not only allow a firm’s LinkedIn posts to be seen by more users, but they also enable law firm marketers to narrowly target which users see the sponsored content. In this example, the law firm would likely set the ad up to target accountants who work in Illinois.
  • A plaintiff’s firm that concentrates on representing individuals harmed in workplace accidents operates a Facebook Page. It is looking to boost its followers – or “Page likes,” as they are called on Facebook. The firm decides to pay Facebook to promote its Page to a targeted audience. In this case, the firm decides to target men between the ages of 20 and 40 who work in construction. Facebook then pushes the sponsored post to the feeds of this niche audience.

How can Jaffe help you with social media advertising?

From strategy to developing content to analyzing the results, Jaffe can assist with every aspect of social media advertising. Our marketing experts can work with you to develop a social media advertising plan of action that uses your marketing dollars to their fullest effect. Our creative team can work with you to develop content and graphics for your sponsored posts to drive conversions. Finally, our digital analysts can track your campaign and provide a full report of its impact, while also offering strategy recommendations for your next social media ad.

Want to learn more about how social media advertising can benefit your firm? Contact Melanie Trudeau at for more information.