Every year, legal marketers feel the crunch of Chambers season. The internationally recognized Chambers & Partners guides are the most recognized and trusted rankings in the market, largely because of the thoroughness of their vetting process. However the submission documents that provide Chambers with the necessary information that lends to its integrity make for a lot of extra work for legal marketers, many of whom are already stretched thin.

Fortunately, there’s help.  

Chambers & Partners recently published the Chambers USA 2016 directory. This is one of the single most-useful resources legal marketers have in shaping their 2017 submissions. In addition, Jaffe has published a number of blog posts on ranking submissions best practices, which you can find below:

How can Jaffe help you with your Chambers submissions?

Jaffe’s RankingsForLawyers service has been a critical source of insight and information for law firms and practice groups across the country. We have helped lawyers and legal marketers traverse the often-daunting Chambers process to ensure all targeted submissions are compiled and sent in a timely manner. In addition, our team of professional writers can do your law firm’s heavy lifting by interviewing your attorneys and drafting story-driven submissions for you.

Have questions regarding the Chambers schedule or submission process, or need help preparing submissions? Contact rankings@jaffepr.com