For many people, social media has become a primary tool for interpersonal interaction, and it is probably the most popular online destination for a large number of internet-savvy individuals. This is why social media advertising can be an effective way to spend your marketing dollars. For legal marketers, marrying a well-planned social media advertising strategy with a creatively executed campaign can result in a winning combination.

One of the greatest strengths of social media advertising is its ability to allow advertisers to select a very narrow target audience. From specific geographic markets to particular interests, including downhill skiing and landscape photography, legal marketers can select who will see their ads. This can be incredibly useful when trying to attract a specific market segment. For example, if your law firm is attempting to raise awareness among start-ups and entrepreneurs, the firm could consider creating targeted ads that will be visible to those who follow various incubators on social media.

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How can Jaffe help you with social media advertising?

From strategy to ad development to analyzing the results, Jaffe can assist with every aspect of social media advertising. Our marketing experts can work with you to develop a social media advertising plan of action that uses your marketing dollars to their fullest effect. Our creative team can work with you to develop content and graphics for your sponsored posts to drive conversions. Finally, our digital analysts can track your campaign and provide a full report of its impact, while also offering strategy recommendations for your next social media ad campaign.

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