America is getting old. In 2015, those age 65 and up comprised about 15% of the population. That percentage is expected to continue to climb for the next few decades, reaching an estimated 22.1% by 2050. During this time span, we are going to see a dramatically different workforce; one with its own unique culture and preferences.

What kind of change can we expect? Much ink — or perhaps many bytes, if we’re talking digital — has been spilled about generational divides and the shifting age demographic of the American workforce, and rightfully so. Soon you will have Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z working side by side. These generations share several significant differences from past generations, including:

Technologically Adept — Many grew up with the internet. Some even grew up with social media.

Social Awareness — These are the #MeToo generations. They are highly political, and they bring that quality to the workplace.

A Desire for Purpose — Money isn’t everything to them. They expect their vocations to provide a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Cultural changes due to this generational shift will have tremendous reverberations throughout all industries and markets. You will have to reevaluate how you communicate, both in terms of content and medium. Your brand may have to take sides on political issues. Internally, you will have to address your organization’s values and ensure that your culture conforms to the times.

How can Jaffe help you with generational changes?

Jaffe combines three skills needed to weather generational shifts: business strategy, adaptability and creativity. Our business development and marketing consultants use investigative inquiry to discover your hidden cultural traits and reveal market perceptions of your brand. We then analyze how you can harness your untapped qualities to align your brand and your culture with current generational expectations. Finally, we bring this brand and culture to life using a variety of creative tactics, from social media campaigns to promoting charitable partnerships.

For more information about how we can help you manage generational change, contact Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing & Branding.