Of all the marketing tools and tactics law firm marketers have at their disposal, none is quite as technical as search engine optimization (SEO). While writing, design and even basic web development are often within the scope of a marketing department’s capabilities to varying degrees, SEO is often the one component for which firms turn outside for assistance.

Yet, while legal marketers shouldn’t be expected to stay on top of the ever-evolving area of SEO nor should they be required to understand the intricacies of search engines from soup to nuts, they can benefit greatly from having a general understanding of the principles of SEO. Furthermore, while some of the tools used by SEO professionals are rather complex, there are a number of simple tactics that any law firm marketer can use to help monitor and improve a law firm website’s SEO position.

Jaffe’s Digital Strategist, Melanie Trudeau, provided information on a number of these bootstrapping strategies in a recent blog post titled Do-It-Yourself SEO for Law Firms. Here are a few of her tips.

  • Make sure search engines are indexing your website properly.
  • Conduct several Google searches for keywords that you think people would use to find your law firm services. Does your firm show up on the first page, the second page, nowhere? (Keep in mind that your search results will have personalization factors, including browser history, location and social connections, so people on opposite sides of the country searching for the same keywords will probably see different search results.)
  • Check your law firm website’s domain authority with Open Site Explorer; then compare against your competitors to see how you stack up. (Domain authority is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 – for example, Facebook, ESPN and Wikipedia all have domain authorities of 100.)

How Can Jaffe Help You with SEO?

Your law firm’s website is its gateway to the world, so it is important that you have the tools and expertise in place to ensure that it is regularly assessed and optimized for search engine visibility. Jaffe is an expert in SEO strategy and keyword implementation. Our team of digital and content strategists can assist you with any stage of the optimization process, including SEO audits, content development and on-page optimization.

Need assistance with your law firm website SEO? Contact Melanie Trudeau at mtrudeau@jaffepr.com for more information.