Of all the marketing tools and tactics law firm marketers have at their disposal, none is quite as technical as search engine optimization (SEO), which is why SEO is often the one component for which firms turn to outside specialists for assistance. Yet, despite the complexity of some SEO principles, any law firm marketer can use a number of simple tactics to help monitor and improve a law firm website’s SEO position.

Jaffe’s Vice President of Digital Marketing, Melanie Trudeau, provides the following strategies law firms can use to do an SEO check-up. (For a deeper dive into these SEO tips, as well as information about specific tools to use, check out Melanie’s article “How to Conduct a Basic SEO Checkup.”)

  • Conduct a website “crawl” to get a detailed look at all the pages on your website and their index status, meta tags, duplicate content, page links and excessive redirects. 
  • Review your Google Analytics landing page report to see which pages are driving visits from organic search. Are pages missing from the list that you think should be getting more visitors? How can you optimize a page to improve its SEO value?
  • Run a broken link report. Linking to internal and external resources is important for the user experience and SEO, but links often become broken as outside sites take down pages or change URLs. This report helps identify links that no longer work so they can be changed or taken down. 

How Can Jaffe Help You with SEO?

Optimizing for organic search can dramatically raise the visibility of your law firm and increase website traffic. At Jaffe, we are experts in SEO tactics and content marketing strategy. Our team of digital and content strategists can assist you with any stage of the optimization process, including SEO audits, content development and on-page optimization.

Need assistance with your law firm website SEO? Contact Melanie Trudeau at mtrudeau@jaffepr.com for more information.