More than half of the visitors to your website come from organic search. This means that if you think about your website as the digital equivalent of your brick-and-mortar office, organic search strategy would be like the main highway connecting it to the rest of the world. And just like an actual highway, if you don’t invest in maintaining it, you aren’t going to see as many visitors.

What does investing in organic search look like? It looks like search engine optimization, better known as SEO.

SEO is a collection of ever-evolving strategies that capitalize on search engine algorithms to raise your website’s digital profile. While less-tangible than other marketing tactics, such as content development and branding, SEO is just as critical to your company’s success. Just consider that the top organic slot on a Google search engine results page garners more than 20% of user traffic, and you can see how SEO can give you a competitive advantage.

So what does SEO look like? It looks like:

  • Quality over quantity: Post articles, blogs and press releases that provide substance and answer your audience’s top questions.
  • Relevant keywords: Incorporate keywords that are relevant and have high search volume into your content’s headlines, subheads and body text.
  • Meta tags: Optimize title tags and write meta descriptions that encourage click-throughs to your content.
  • Internal and external links: Keep visitors on your website by linking to relevant internal content and add credibility to your site by linking to authoritative third-party resources such as government websites.

 What can Jaffe do for your SEO?

Jaffe can help your firm assess its current organic search standing, set realistic and achievable goals, and develop an SEO strategy that will help you direct traffic to your website. Our SEO services include developing custom competitive keyword lists, optimizing website meta tags, and reviewing new and existing content for optimization recommendations. We also provide ongoing SEO oversight and evaluation to improve your search engine standing over time. For more information about our SEO services, contact Melanie Trudeau, Director of Digital Strategies.